Our History

Marventure Corporation is a family owned company. It started in 2003 when the head of the family, Danilo Buenaventura, suggested to his two daughters Janice and Karen to sell the iced tea concoction of his wife Imelda. Janice and Karen, having realized the big potential of the product, immediately worked on the development of the formulation and shelf life extension study with the help of food technologists. They first tested the market by selling to their relatives, friends and to the customers of their mother’s canteen while doing the small scale production in Karen’s kitchen. The response was great that the small production scale already tripled by the first month. Having tested the market, the family already decided to formalize the business and was finally registered to SEC as Marventure Corporation on April 2003. The name of the product “Allmytea” was invented by Janice and soon registered as trademark to Intellectual Property Philippines. The small production area was constructed in the family’s property in Tonsuya, Malabon on August 2003. A “License to Operate” was issued by FDA on October 2003. It started its formal operations and sales on November 2003. The number of customers kept on growing until 2005. Janice, as the Chief Operating Officer, saw the need for the use of machinery to supply the growing demand and to tap more markets. With the aid of Department of Science and Technology’s SETUP (Small Enterprise Upgrading Program), additional capital was provided for the purchase of the needed equipment for the development of the product to facilitate better capacity output.

Presently, the company is managed by Janice and her husband Caesar. We now have a bigger and better plant with semi-automated equipment that is producing your favorite drink – ALLMYTEA!!! We also strictly follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure the quality and safeness of our products.

Our Mission

To provide Filipinos with an enjoyable, unique, healthy and safe cold tea drinks through the company’s dedication to quality, standards and good customer service.

Our Vision

To have an efficient, modern and eco-friendly production plant that will supply all the demands of our loyal customers.

To produce healthy drinks that will be beneficial for the well being of our customers.

To be a blessing in every way, whether in physical, financial, emotional and most importantly, the spiritual being of all the employers, employees, customers, suppliers, distributors and society.

For Jesus to be experienced and known through our products.